Why Blog?

Why start a blog? It’s an easy question to answer – it’s the easiest way to reflect on CPD. Now seems like a perfect time to start as I’m almost ready to submit my CILIP chartership portfolio and starting to keep a log of things I’ve done so I’m ready for revalidation just seems sensible.

The more important question, perhaps, is why wordpress – and the answer to that at the simplest level is “Mature, free, open source software”. Or in a bit more depth, because it’s both mature and open source, there’s a whole ecosystem of plugins and themes and more that make features really simple to set-up. And if there’s a feature missing, I have the skill to add the php myself. Not to mention that my hosting provider supports wordpress CLI tools, so I managed almost whole installation, right from creating the MySQL database to installing the theme, over SSH.

And even once I did actually take a look & log into the back end to start customising, installing plugins using PuTTY or JuiceSSH is far faster & more secure than any other way. Find me a closed source product that’s as flexible – I certainly can’t find one! I did bump into some permissions problems, mostly because I didn’t read my hosting provider’s extensive guide to installing wordpress properly, but it does seem that, by self-hosting, I’m going to have to be careful about making sure various wordpress files, created by plug-ins, are owned & writable by the correct group. And, to make sure I can continue to do this, I’m going to have to go and do a proper SSH tutorial\refresher because I’m not at all as familiar with UNIX file permissions as I thought I was.

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