5 Months later

So, I’ve not posted for 5 months, at that point I suggested I’d be starting the process of getting CMALT certified. I didn’t quite lie, it just didn’t go as planned. Instead of doing the free pilot scheme, I ended up doing the Future Learn Blended Learning Essentials Programme. And signed up to CMALT as a BLE candidate. The programme entails a lot of reflective writing – much of which I can’t share as it’s very relevant to my work & workplace. As a result, this blog has been a bit neglected. Sorry if you were an avid reader (Although I’m pretty sure no one actually reads this!).

I’m managing to get more done here, now, as there’s only one week of the BLE programme left & as a result my of both that and tips picked up from attending the ALT 2018 winter conference, my portfolio is very nearly complete. I’m in the home straight now!

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